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First Line, in progress

First Line is an interdisciplinary project about experiencing tuberculosis in the modern society, a performance at the junction of documentary theatre and new academic music.
The project is based on documentary material that appeared as a result of the dialogue between Anna Nekrasova, an actress from St. Petersburg and Paulina Siniatkina, an artist from Moscow.

Anna Nekrasova - initiator of the project, actress, performer, vocalist, story donor

Paulina Siniatkina - artist, activist, performer, vocalist, story donor,

Elena Smorodinova - director

Yuri Klavdiev - playwright 

Kirill Shirokov - composer

Vasilina Kharlamova - set designer 

A preview of the future performance was shown as the result of the group laboratory in the art residency Peredelkino (29.09.21).

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