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Highly contagious 2019

Performance (Actors: viewers, medical masks, installation of the hospital chamber. announcement on the wall “wear the mask when exciting the chamber”)
contemporary art space “the Cube”

Length: 3 hours

Moscow 2019

IMG_3630 copy.jpg

"Highly contagious" is a performance which took place on 28th of September 2019 during opening of my solo exhibition "Chamber # 12" in the contemporary art space Cube.Moscow. (few months before the beginning of the pandemic Covid19)


There is a rule in a TB hospital to wear a mask when exiting the chamber. I put this sign on the wall near my installation. In a while all the space of Cube.Moscow was filled with people in masks.

For me this performance is about stigma. My chamber is "free of stigma" : you are safe to talk about anything with your chamber- mates. But when you exit this safe space - you are at risk to be judged and unaccepted, so you have to hide your face with mask.

video documentation: 

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