Hospitality (2021 - ongoing)

Hospitality is a project reflecting on long-term hospital experience in Russia, where I try to domesticate medical devices, transforming the typical image of a hospital. “Hospitality” is a continuation of the “Home sweet hospital” project, where I compare a hospital to a normal apartment. At “Hospitality” my focus is on medical equipment. In this new parallel universe, a drop-counter can meet a home carpet or a test tube rack can turn into a vase for flowers. 

   Spending along time in a hospital people tend to domesticate everything. It is important to feel at home, wherever you are. For a TB hospital in Russia it is not strange to meet a patient in a hospital outfit, frying potatoes on a stove which was smuggled in by family members. Of course, this is prohibited, but medical personnel often turn a blind eye to this. I remember when I was in the hospital, I often personalised everything that surrounded me. For some reason I gave the new quartz lamp apparatus the name "Theodore".

Paulina Siniatkina

I want to rethink this experience in my art practices. The starting point of the project was a series of graphics "Hospitality on paper", in which I began to re-invent "medical heroes". Some of my sketches will turn into large canvases, some into installations, and some into sculptures. I am also going to use ready-made objects, such medical equipment as drop-counters, X-rays, medical screens, and so on.