Paulina Siniatkina

Paulina SIniatkina

Artist and activist

Born in Moscow in 1989                                                                       

Lives and works in Moscow and Amsterdam

As an artist and activist I truly believe art has the power to change the world. Through my art practice I address social issues involving stigma, mainly in Russia and Eastern European countries where stigmatization of marginalized groups is still a very real and life threatening problem. 

In 2015 I survived tuberculosis and decided to devote my artistic practice to fighting stigma and the concept of 'normality'. Being physically alienated, locked inside a hospital for many months, and facing judgement when I was discharged, I recreate these peculiar experiences through my artworks. Not by leading the viewer through trauma, but by showing its normality:  you may find as much bad, as good in it. I intend to make my viewer my equal; I want to open the discussion around social taboos.

Along with the concept of de-stigmatization I work with theme of  “corporality”. In fact these subjects are strongly connected, as its essential for me to work through my personal experience.

I work with painting, sculpture, installation, video art and performance.



2017-2018 – School of Contemporary Art at MMOMA (Moscow Museum of Modern Art)

2007-2013 – Moscow State Academic Art Institute Named after V.I. Surikov, specialisation – artist painter (monumental painting)


2019 – Exchange program IVLP “Promoting social change through the arts”, nominated by the US Embassy in Russia, USA

2018 – UN General Assembly on Tuberculosis (IFRC delegation), New York

2016 – Member and co-founder of TBpeople - first international network of people with experience of tuberculosis, Bratislava

2015 – Member of international association of art UNESCO, Russian Union of Artists

2013 -  Laureate of grant of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation



2019 – Chamber No.12 (curator D. Demekhina, supported by MOCT contemporary art foundation), Cube contemporary art space, Moscow

         – Hold your breath (curator E. Polozhentceva):

2019 – Robert Koch Museum, Berlin

2018 – Yetsin Centre, Ekaterininburg (RU)

2018 – Medicine History Museum of the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University with the support of IFRC, Moscow

2018 – Kyrgyz Union of Artists, MSF TB Symposium,  Bishkek

2017 – WHO headquarters, Geneva

2017 – Museum of Medicine, Snt. Petersburg

2017 – First WHO Ministerial Conference on ending TB, World Trade Centre, Moscow

2016 – Loft Project Etagi gallery, Snt. Petersburg

2016 – TB hospital, Voronezh (RU)

2016 – 7th Union Conference on Lung health, Bratislava

2016 – Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow



2022 – “Monsters under the bed” (curator P. Mogilina), Third place, Snt. Petersburg
2022 – “*** *****” (curators M. Domracheva, L. Matyunina) Tilde gallery, Amsterdam

2022 – “Un escargot sous un chiffon”(curators M. Antciperova, N. Kudryavtseva), Tonka gallery, Paris

2021 – "Human isolation experiences”, VII International Conference "ART and POWER" (curators – A. Kazakova, E. Sheveleva), House of Art Workers , Saratov (RU)

2021 – “Hidden places” (curator P. Mogilina), Bunker-703, Moscow

2020 – “Smash the narrative” NDSM Fuse gallery, Amsterdam 

2019 – “Dismorphophobia or war inside of you” (curator D. Kamyshnikova) Moscow Museum Of Modern Art

2018 – “Community of the performance” (curators: A. Demina, S. Dorogina, O. Evseeva, S. Krasnov), design-factory FLACON, Moscow

2018 – “Secret sign systems” (curator D. Kamyshnikova) Moscow Museum Of Modern Art

2018 – “5 life hacks for dummies” (curator G. Tavakalova) Moscow International 6th young biennale of young art

2014 – “Agnietefestival”, Agnietenkapel, Gouda (NL)

2014 – “Russia XII”, Central House of Artists, Moscow  

2013 – "Paintings of three: The Resistance of Searching for a Form of Art", Open Club Gallery, Moscow

2013 – "Moscow - 2013. Space for living. Space for creativity", Moscow Union of Artists

2013 – “Сreative environments”, Central House of Artists, Moscow

2012 – ROSIZO Exhibition Hall, Moscow

2010 – “Young artists of Russia”, Central House of Artists, Moscow



2021 – "Peredelkino", group laboratory, "First line" performance, Moscow

2019 – Cube.Moscow contemporary art space. Grant of the MOCT Foundation (UK), project “Chamber No.12” winner of the Cube Art Residency program, Moscow



2019 – World TB day event, Robert Koch institute, Berlin

2019 –  First global strategy development meeting of TBpeople, Istambul

2019 – Oxford Immunotec TB Summit Training, Mallorca

2018 – The Union conference on lung health, The Hague

2017 – Seminar “Global problem: MDR-TB”, Embassy of the Netherlands, Moscow.

2017 – First WHO Global Ministerial Conference on Ending TB in the Sustainable Development Era: A Multisectoral Response, Moscow

2016 – Europe Regional UNION Conference on Lung Health, Bratislava

2016 – Regional Workshop on TB Community Mobilization, Bratislava 

2016 – Cultural event hosted by Stop TB Partnership in collaboration with WIPO and Permanent Mission of India, "Hold your breath" presentation, Geneva


Stop TB Partnership (Geneva), Bill&Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute  (Boston), FIND (Geneva), Oxford Immunotec (London), Maxart Foundation (Moscow) and in private collections.