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First Line



2021 - 2022

First Line is a group interdisciplinary project about experiencing tuberculosis in the modern society, a performance at the junction of documentary theatre and new academic music. The project is based on documentary material that appeared as a result of the dialogue between Anna Nekrasova, an actress from St. Petersburg and Paulina Siniatkina, an artist from Moscow.

Anna Nekrasova - performer, vocalist, story donor, Paulina Siniatkina - performer, vocalist, story donor, Elena Smorodinova - director, Yuri Klavdiev - playwright , Kirill Shirokov - composer, Vasilina Kharlamova - set designer

Based on Paulina's and Anya's personal stories, the "First Line" performance is a conversation about tuberculosis, the fear of death and a possible way to overcome this fear. TB patients in Russia are hospitalised for a long time. Both girls were treated in 2015 - 2016. Paulina lived in chamber No. 12, Anna - in chamber No. 13. Their communication and memories are a kind of "exchange vacation", but frightening. (text - Elena Smorodinova)

Performative reading of the play, "Peredelkino" residency

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