Bratislava, 2016
Bratislava, 2016

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The Hague, 2018
The Hague, 2018

The Union conference on lung health

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Bratislava, 2016
Bratislava, 2016

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My activist path started after I survived tuberculosis in 2015. During the 7 months in isolation in a TB hospital in Moscow, I created a series of paintings which tells the stories of people who shared my fate. The exhibition Hold your breath travelled the world bringing awareness and fighting stigma around TB. Half of the money I earned by selling these art pieces was donated to the cause of TB.


In 2016 I was one of the 20 representatives of different countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia who founded TBpeople - a community group which grew into a global network of people affected by tuberculosis.


In 2017 I initiated my second big project. Tuberculosis and You is a a book about TB made by and for people affected by the disease with the support of some of the world's most renowned experts. At this moment the book is available in 13 languages. In 2018 I was invited to the UN General Assembly in New York, High Level Meeting on Tuberculosis to officially launch the English version of the book.


Currently, I speak at conferences and events on Tuberculosis, I give  lectures to medical students, I visit hospitals around Russia and distribute the brochure, I consult patients online, and I showcase my artistic work to the global medical community, spreading awareness. I work with such organisations as WHO, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Stop TB Partnership, TB Alliance.

I truly believe we can eradicate TB from the planet, but stigma is the main obstacle in this fight. 

I beat TB once, now stigma is my target.



First Global Network of People Affected by Tuberculosis.

Founded 2016 in Bratislava.


UN HLM 2018

The first-ever UN General Assembly high-level meeting on tuberculosis endorsed a political declaration to accelerate progress towards End TB targets.

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Tuberculosis and You

Guide for people affected by tuberculosis. 

Available in 13 languages.


TB ZORRO 2018-19

Advocacy activities focused on the patient involvement in health care delivery and TB control.