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You don't want to hear this

video series, installation



Through sharing my personal story of surviving Tuberculosis, I aim to inspire others who have undergone similar experiences, encouraging them to find their voice and overcome any fear associated with speaking out. This endeavour also serves to raise awareness about the disease and diminish the stigma surrounding it. In my work "You Don't Want To Hear This”, I captured the confessions of three women who courageously disclosed their illnesses for the first time. Despite the stigmatization they had faced before, they bravely confronted their fears, breaking the silence and contributing to altering society's perceptions regarding diseases like HIV, TB, and mental disorders. The screens below offer glimpses into the intricate facets of their identities and emotions, with me standing alongside them in solidarity.

​Due to each participant’s privacy, link with all the videos is available only on the exhibitions or through private requests.

Exhibition view, “Secret sign systems”, MMOMA, 2018

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